Happy Friday! Happy Guest Comic!

This one’s by the lovely Jessi Zabarsky <3 Who really went all out and thought up these awesome ice cream recipes for each of the characters! Here are her reasons for why each sundae matches each character:

Good Heavens– It’s classic, simple, refined, but a little pretentious and airy.
Steak– Basically I was thinking about bar food. Also that he’s a salty curmudgeon.
Herringbone– Delicate, classy, but mature and rich.
Lucy– Wants to appear dark, tough, and unusual, but you get the feeling it’s all fluff.
Autumn- She might make you purse your lips in surprise, but she’ll perk you up and never weigh you down.
Helvetica– He’s a babby.

I really recommend taking a look at Jessi’s tumblr here for more fantastic, cute, drawings and comics… and follow her on twitter too!

ALSO: I will be at TCAF next weekend! I don’t have any merchandise to sell, but I will be hanging out at the Benign Kingdom booth, assisting them! If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hi! I’ll draw something nice for you if you do :D