Hey everyone!

I thought it might be a good idea to make an announcement here since I don't think a lot of folks who check the site check my blog or twitter... which is where I am most active and where keep people updated on the status of Helvetica, my life, work, schedule, etc.

In case I haven't been clear enough in the past: I have a demanding day job, and it often asks me to work over 40 hours a week. On top of that, I am also working as a colorist for another comic project, which I'm very excited about working on, and also excited to share with you guys when it goes live! Because both of these obligations take up 90% of my time, I've had little time to focus on my true love Helvetica... much to yours and my dismay. But that doesn't mean Helvetica is dead! Well, I mean, Helvetica the character is dead, yeah, but-

ANYWAY I recently acquired a brief reprieve from my other work, and will be taking that opportunity to get back to work on this comic! However, I'm going to switch up how I update the comic, and drop any pretenses of following any consistent update schedule- I'm simply unable to do so because of my other responsibilities. Besides, it sucks for both you and me when I can only update one page at time over the course of... months... So I'm going to try a new system: I'm going to be doing bulk updates every now and then. The next update will be five pages, and I will be updating over the course of a week. I think this will be more fun, anyway!

If you're curious on the status on how these pages are going, I really recommend keeping an eye on my twitter, because that is going to be where I'll be keeping people updated! I know you guys are hungry.... me too. You're always more than welcome to reach out to me, too. I love you guys.

A side note before I go: I know you guys like to have fun and get rowdy in the comments section, and I read every single comment and love every single weird Undertale reference or silly joke or painful pun. Please continue to keep it civil, both towards other commenters and towards me! I don't like to delete comments, and I certainly don't ever want to disable them forever. So please be kind to each other. :)

Take care, and see you soon!